Marketing your business, self or product today is totally different than it was two years ago. The dynamics of how people get their information, news and advice is totally different. The old BIG THREE of Print, TV and Radio are no longer. Well, they are still around, but are only shadows of their former selves. Today, BIG THREE are Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter! It is vital that someone in your marketing department has an extensive familiarity with social media.

John DiPietro is the ONLY marketing professional in Massachusetts with hands on experience in all of the major media platforms today. He has produced and directed over 1,500 YouTube videos on a wide variety of topics. DiPietro has experience in print, radio and TV from both sides of the camera and microphone as well as newsdesk.

He has worked on NATIONAL programs as well as programs for small businesses.

DiPietro has become the leading source for SHORT FORM VIDEO for website use and direct mail use.

Put his national experience to work for your business. Also, as far as social media is concerned, DiPietro will enhance the standing of your company online thru his Linkedin connections which number close to TWENTY MILLION world wide.

"Out with the Old and in with the New" is a phrase that has more meaning than just on New Year's Eve.  

Introduce new marketing techniques to your business by working with John DiPietro and ABC/D Marketing Associates. 

Areas of Expertise:
• Short form video
• Website video
• YouTube page creation and execution
• Linkedin page creation and execution
• Facebook BUSINESS page creation and execution
• Twitter page creation and execution
• EMail marketing via Constant Contact

Call:  508-397-2974
John DiPietro, Marketing Consultant
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John DiPietro, Marketing Consultant
ABC/D Marketing Associates
"John is an extremely talented sales professional who understands what it takes to execute a great sales strategy. On top of that he is one of the best speakers I have ever had the pleasure of watching and listening too. Not only is he knowledgable and articulate, he is entertaining , quite humorous and is very easy to learn from. As professional and talented as they get!!" 

~David Drucker
Senior Vice President, 
Eastern Region at Digicast Networks
John DiPietro
Website Video Specialist
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